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Mad Scientist

BREAKING NEWS: A very deadly disease continues to infect the United States and the world.  With hope for a cure dwindling, we have found one man living in a small town in Colorado who is suspected to be in possession of the cure. We are looking for folks to attempt to make contact with the doctor, for no one has heard from him since the breakout.  For those of you who will attempt to make contact , please beware, his laboratory is rigged with traps and puzzles. Once inside his lab, you will have to solve your way to the cure. Beware, if you don't make it out in time, you will become infected. But to those who do succeed, you will be recognized for your extraordinary valor and heroism.


This room is ideal for groups of 6 or less.

All rooms are private bookings, meaning it will just be you and your party in the room.

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