What we do

Three Unique rooms!

A balance of high and low tech elements, puzzles and clues create an adventure for the mind. We like to make our rooms challenging, but fun, so that those who escape know they’ve performed like top class agents. Our completion rate is around 45%, so success is in no way guaranteed. Choose carefully when gathering your team, and we hope to see you soon to find out if you have what it takes to beat the clock!


What We Do

We immerse you and your party in a stimulating themed room where you must use elements and clues to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room within an hour. Escape Rooms allow people to engage face to face, and because they offer different types of challenges throughout the experience, each member has a time when they are able to be the hero. It's a fantastic team-building activity, perfect for school groups, corporate parties, and family reunions! 


Our Gamemasters

Our gamemasters are akin to being a good teacher or corporate trainer. Like in a role-playing game, the gamemaster’s job is to ensure that the players have a fair experience, that the physical puzzles function as planned, and in most cases, provide help to the players when they are stuck or frustrated. They allow guests to engage with problems, explore, and learn, and are always watching and listening, intervening with hints only when needed. The gamemaster also monitors the room to help prevent damage, or in case of emergency assistance.

Winners and Losers - Glenwood Escape